An attitude of thankfulness

How many times a week do you say, “sorry”?

LadiesĀ  (and some men) we are guilty of over apologizing.

“Sorry, I’ve never done this before.”

“Sorry that I didn’t have time to help you.”

“Sorry, I forgot you already told me that.”

The list goes on and on. At home, at work, even in the grocery store – we over apologize.

I also think we underĀ thank.

What would happen if you replaced half of the apologies in your life with showing gratitude?

Thank someone for helping you understand, thank them for their time, thank them for letting you by in the aisle at the store- all instead of apologizing.

Recently, I adopted a new goal, though I haven’t decided if it is actually a goal or just the radiating power of the fierce and strong willed little girl I’m growing in my belly. I decided I am not going through the motions anymore – I am taking charge of my emotions and what I need help with and what I do not need or want help with. With this, a state of vulnerability and openness comes – and it’s meant a lot of apologizing on my part. Apologizing for needing help, not having the answer, or not having the time.

My new goal – to make an effort to replace my “sorry” with “thank you” at least once a day. Apologies have their place, but we can’t, and should not, apologize for everything.

In the month of November, thank your coworker for explaining something for you instead of apologizing for needing help. Thank your friend for planning an event you didn’t have time for instead of apologizing for being busy. Thank the man that holds the door for you and your kid who walks slower than grass grows. You don’t need to be sorry all the time. This “thank you” attitude promotes a spirit of thankfulness – and the people around you will be encouraged by this positivity.

“I’ve been replacing my I’m sorry”s with “thank you”s…it’s not only shifted the way I think and feel about myself, but also improved my relationships with others who now get to receive my gratitude instead of my negativity.” – Vijara


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