Playing with trash

There is something oddly satisfying about sitting on this patio with the boy, watching him play with cups, a bowl, water, ice, and a piece of trash from the recycling bin. Not guiding him, not telling him how to play, not interrupting in anyway. Just watching him. Getting more water when he pours all of it on himself and more ice when it’s all melted. Watching him learn how to pour from a heavy a bottle. Watching him practice counting ice cubes. Letting him play until he is completely done playing. Not caring that he soaking wet, not caring that I’m drenched in sweat. Maybe it’s the 14 hours of combined sleep I’ve gotten in the past three nights or the 100+ degrees it is outside right now. Whatever it may be, I’m relaxed. He’s content and happy. Playing with trash.

I love you, little one.

JJ and I are coming up on our two year “nanny-versary.” This morning was full of laughter and I’m reflecting on just how thankful, full of love, and blessed I am to be a part of this boy’s life. I know our time together is limited and before long he will be entering the preschool world and I will be moving on to a new season. I hope that even as he grows and changes, that he never forgets the love that his nanny had for him when he was little. 

JJ, thank you for showing me a love that I never knew existed. Thank you for teaching me what no textbooks or seminars can. Thank you for loving me back. 

Jose and Christine, thank you for letting me love your boy and be a part of your family. ❤️

“I love you as the stars love you, constant and bright above you, giving you joy and peace and wonder. I love you as the stars love you, forever, and ever, and always.”

I Love You, Little One